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ebay Growing on eBay with Linnworks
eBay will be joining the event to teach us how they help their sellers grow their businesses, and how Linnworks customers in particular, can benefit from eBay’s help.
amazon_logo_RGB_fINAL Selling in Europe With Amazon  
Amazon will be speaking at Linn Academy to share with sellers more about the opportunities for sellers to sell in Europe and how to leverage these opportunities to grow their business.
dit-with-box CBT Advice from the Government’s Specialist Team    
The team from DIT will be joining us to discuss cross-border trade and how exactly DIT can support you with this. Join their session to learn how you can grow your business by taking advantage of the opportunities overseas.
tamebay Prepare your business for upcoming changes in eCommerce
eCommerce expert and industry insider, Chris Dawson from Tamebay, is joining Linn Academy for the 2nd year running to share some expert advice in the lead up to Christmas.
world-first Post-Brexit Implications for Your Business
Jeremy Cook is the Chief Economist at World First. With his finger always on the pulse, Jeremy is one of the UK’s leading voices on foreign exchange and you’ll regularly find him on television, and across the national media, giving his unique and thoughtful insight. Jeremy delivers his analysis with energy, and in an accessible way that allows everyone to understand how the economy affects them.
linnworks_logo eCommerce and Your Business in 2020
Linnworks CEO Fedor Dzjuba will be speaking about the future of eCommerce, and how you can prepare yourself for these changes. With a deep-dive look at what eCommerce will look like in 2020, this is a key session for anyone looking to future-proof their business.

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